I miss #holland and the #amsterdam #brewery.  (Taken with instagram)

I miss #holland and the #amsterdam #brewery. (Taken with instagram)

travel plans.

Hostels in Paris and London are expensive so I’m taking two weeks out of what I allotted for those places and I’m going to morocco. 

I also decided I’m visiting my friends in Stockholm. And I’m going to Istanbul. So the plan is as follows:
Madrid, Sevilla, Ronda, Malaga, Granada, Madrid again to pick up michelle, then Ibiza. Then Barcelona. 

In France I’ll be there for a week with Karla. Then fly out to Marrakech. Explore morocco for two weeks. Fly to London. Explore London for a week. Go to Stonehenge. 

Fly to Amsterdam. Stay with my friend I met at machu picchu. Then go to Berlin for a week. Stockholm for a week. Might miss my Munich to Milan flight to go see the holocaust museum. Then work my way down to Rome. 

Then two weeks in Istanbul. Then fly to Frankfurt and fly to Vegas and spend the weekend there for karlas birthday. 

Sound good? I thought so. Haha. :]